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In 1989, Center for Canadian Studies of Guangzhou Institute of Foreign Languages (the predecessor of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS)) was founded as the first institute specializing in Canadian teaching and research in Guangdong and also the pioneer in our country. Early in 1993, the center published a magazine Prospective in Canada. With the merger of Guangzhou Institute of Foreign Languages and Guangzhou Institute of Foreign Trade in 1995, the center was renamed as Center for Canadian Studies of GDUFS. Over the past two decades, through the unremitting efforts of the former directors such as Prof. Zhu Jiancheng, Prof. He Yuangui, and many others, the center has enjoyed an increasingly prestigious social influence. On December 2011, the center was approved by the Ministry of Education as the first group of Cultivation Base for Regional and National Studies. On June 18th 2012, Center for Canadian Studies, the Cultivation Base for Regional and National Studies of the Ministry of Education, was formally established, with Prof. Zhong Weihe, the president of GDUFS, serving as the director of the center and Prof. Tang Xiaosong, a renowned expert in international studies, as the executive deputy director.

Research Areas

The main research areas in the center include: the studies of Canadian politics and foreign affairs, Canadian economy and trade, Canadian society and law, and Canadian culture and education.

Tasks and Objectives

The Center takes the country’s major strategic needs as its central task and the coordination of the basic theoretic research and practical strategy as its focus, trying to promote its scientific research achievements and international influence. Aiming at cultivating international personnel and strengthening the disciplinary construction, the reform and innovation of the scientific research systems and mechanisms, the Center has been striving to become one of the first-class and world-famous pools of talents, information, ideas and high intelligence in Canadian studies in China.

Development Plans

The Center, focusing on the development layout of strategic, regional and national studies in China, locates the forefront and major theoretical and practical issues in this area. It encourages its staff to apply for high-level research projects related to Canada, in the hope of yielding a great number of innovative scientific achievements, coordinating the development of basic and applied research, as well as establishing the mechanism of knowledge innovation. It aims to promoting the staff’s overall level of doing scientific research so that the Center can take the leading role in China and enjoy academic reputation and influence in related areas throughout the world.


Director: Prof. Tang Xiaosong

Office Director: Ms. Luo Huiqiong


Research Staff:


Ma Jianying

Wang Xiaohai

Wang Yan

Zuo Lianchun

Zhu Wenzhong

Liu Chao

Xiao Gang

Yu Fang

Wu Yiming

Chen Guochang

Chen Hongqiao

Chen Jian

Zhou Wengui

Luo Yuanhang

Miao Lei

Zheng Laxiang

Zheng Chunsheng

Yao Wenjun

Hu Wentao

Liu Yuzhen

Tang Xiaosong

Xu Hai

Huang Zhong

Huang Liangxiong

Han Yonghong

Cheng Yonglin

Dong Jinwei

Jiang Yong

Cai Lan

Pan Gaofeng

Mu Lei

Wei Hailing


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