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China-Canada report released at conference 2017-10-08 
Professor Hu Jian visits CCS 2018-04-19 
Professor from Carlton University visited CCS 2017-06-15 
Lecture information 2017-05-25 
Dr. Xiong from MOE visited CCS 2017-05-15 
Professor from University of Calgary delivered a lecture 2017-05-07 
Gordon Houlden revisits CCS 2017-04-27 
Survey in CCS by Research Assistant of Carleton University 2017-04-12 
Consul of Canada in Guangzhou visits CCS 2017-04-08 
Patrick James talks with CCS 2016-12-23 
Professor Robert Ross: Sino-American relations 2016-12-23 
Professor Gary Levy’s academic project in CCS 2016-12-02 
Publication of Annual Report on Development of Canada (2016) 2016-12-02 
Professor Hu Jian visits CCS 2016-05-26 
Professor Wang Wenfeng visits GDUFS 2016-05-26 
Delegation from Guangdong visits Queen's 2016-05-26 
Professor John Kirton visits CCS 2016-05-26 
Mr.Mai Yeqing Visits CCS 2016-04-20 
Professor Gary Levy Visits CCS 2015-12-17 
Professor Wang Jianwei visits CCS 2015-11-16 
CCS staff attends Pan Maoyuan Symposium 2015-06-17 
Donald Drummond: to promote academic coopertion 2015-06-12 
Canadian Economist Lectures at CCS 2015-06-12 
Prof. Tang Xiaosong appointed as vicepresident of ACSC 2015-06-12 
CCS wins the title of “advanced group” 2015-06-12 

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