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China-Canada report released at conference

The Blue Book of Canada was released at aconference held in Kunming, capital of Southwest China's Yunnan Province onFriday, urging the two countries to seek breakthroughs on free trade andextradition issues.

With the theme "Sino-Canadian strategic cooperation the
Belt and Roadinitiative," the 17th Biannual Conference of the Association for CanadianStudies in China produced the book entitled An Annual Report on theDevelopment of Canada (2017).

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sent a congratulatory letter to theconference.

The report, published by the Center for Canadian Studies at GuangdongUniversity of Foreign Studies, Association for Canadian Studies in China andSocial Sciences Academic Press (China), noted new heights in Sino-Canadianrelations marked by meetings between Chinese Premier
Li Keqiang and Trudeauin 2016.

In August 2016 during his visit to Beijing, Trudeau said he was "ready tokeep and strengthen the strong friendship" between Canada and China, theXinhua News Agency reported on Friday.

Canada has meanwhile applied to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bankand started exploratory negotiations on freer trade with China.

In response, China has urged Canada to open up channels to outside investmentand be prepared to sign an extradition agreement.

Canada's attitude toward China has evolved with worsening US-Canada ties underUS President Donald Trump, the report's authors believed.

"The shared interests between China and Canada require us to deepen therelationship, which calls for the leaders from the two countries to find afirmer basis to strengthen the trust," it read.

The report also suggested methods by which Canada might play a leading role inglobal governance and improve its relations with the United Nations.




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