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Hong Kong TV Interviewed Zhong Weihe

On the afternoon of March 31st, the reporter of Hong Kong TV interviewed Zhong Weihe on such issues as English Teaching, MBA and Education Equity in the VIP room of Administration Building.

Speaking of education fairness, Zhong suggested that GDUFS will try its best to do its job well, such as enlarging the enrollment of students from other provinces and cities and providing more opportunities for the students. This year, the students the school recruited from other provinces accounted for 20-30 percent of the total amount.

As for Foreign Language Teaching mode, Zhong held that Hong Kong and Mainland China are on the same starting line and that they will learn from each other on such issues as the setting of courses as well as the training mode through the High-level Foreign Language Teaching Forum or seminar etc.. Besides, he also introduced the distinctive features of the courses of Foreign Language Teaching in our university.

When the journalist mentioned some opinions of the MBA course and EMBA course from the society, Zhong suggested that it¡¯s not deniable that there exist some problems concerning these courses. However, he added that, the original intention of the universities is not to earn money, but to train the talented personnel so as to help improve the national as well as local economy.


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