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Pres. Zhong Shared Experience in Internationalization of Higher Education in Dubai

Mar. 24th--At the invitation of the British Embassy, President Zhong Weihe attended the 2013 Going Global conference in Dubai on March 5th. The theme of the this year's conference was, ''Internationalising Higher Education.'' At the conference, President Zhong talked about the international cooperation conducted by Chinese universities in recent years and the possibility that this trend will continue in the future.

President Zhong delivering the speech

President Zhong delivered a speech entitled ''International Cooperation and Exchange of Chinese Higher Education Under Globalization''. He explained the necessity to promote international cooperation among Chinese higher educational institutions and offered his opinions about how to boost economic development in China through varied international cooperation projects. His remarks were highly recognized by other attendees.

Going Global is an annual conference hosted by the British Council, offering an open forum for higher education practitioners around the world to discuss issues facing the international education community. Since its inception in 2004, Going Global has attracted more and more registered delegates.


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