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Career opportunities available in CCS, GDUFS,China

Global search for academic staff

The Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS) is a major internationalized university in South China for its global-minded faculty/students and its research on international languages, literature, culture, trade and strategic studies. With its educational philosophy of “whole-person education and pursuit of excellence”, the University vigorously pursues the internationalization of its faculty, students, academic researchand management in order to be a high-tier internationalized university of excellence.  See more at: http://english.gdufs.edu.cn.

The Center for Canadian Studies (CCS) GDUFS , formally established in June 2012, is one of the 42 Cultivation Bases for National and Regional Studies approved by the Ministry of Education of China.  The main research areas in the centerinclude:  Canadian politics and foreign affairs, Canadianeconomy and trade, Canadian society and  culture.  Click here to know more: http://www.yjsoul.com/English.htm  


To achieve extensive and sustainable faculty excellence, the Center is looking for Doctor/researcher from Canada majors in Politics/Economics/sociology, etc. or interested in Canadian Studies

Canadian Studies is part of the Maritime Silk Road project in GDUFS. If you are interested in pursuing you academic career in China, Please visit http://rsc.gdufs.edu.cn/info/1093/6137.htm for more information.

You are welcome to contact or send dossiers to us:

Miss Luo: 0086-20-36602075

E-mail: 32641522@qq.com


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